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An Update On the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

You may have heard something in the news about the water crisis in Flint, MI. Residents of Flint have been living with tainted and contaminated water from lead and other toxins thanks to cost-cutting measures. The problem started back in 2014 when the city of Flint announced plans for a new pipeline to deliver water […]

Could You Be Drinking Too Much Water?

We know that drinking plenty of water is important for our health, but did you know what drinking too much water can actually be a bad thing? Drinking too much water can lead to overhydration or water intoxication. While it’s recommended that we consume eight glasses of water per day, your kidneys can only handle […]

How to Get Rid of Soap Scum from Hard Water

Soap scum built up from hard water can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. While the best solution is to get rid of the hard water in the first place, you’ll still need to clean up that soap scum. You can make your own powerful soap scum cleaner using just two common products. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Rainwater

As a kid, you may have enjoyed playing in the rain, and many children like to try to catch some of it in their mouths to drink. It may seem like rainwater would be safe to drink because it hasn’t become contaminated, but is that really the case? As rain passes through the atmosphere it […]

How You Can Conserve Water at Home

Water is one of the most abundant natural resources, but it still needs to be conserved. Many areas of the U.S. struggle with droughts which means taking steps to converse water is especially important. Conserving water can also save you money on utility costs. Keep reading to learn about some relatively easy ways to conserve […]

How to Make Your Water Taste Better

Water is the most important thing you can drink, but some people struggle to drink enough because they don’t like the taste. If you find the taste of water to be too boring, you can dress it up with a variety of naturally flavored fruits to make it tastier. Try some of these ways to […]

What Does Cloudy Water Mean?

Have you ever filled up a glass of water and noticed that it looks cloudy or milky? If so, chances are you didn’t worry too much about it because the water cleared up after a few seconds. Cloudy water is often caused by the pipes that deliver it being under a lot of pressure. More […]

The Benefits of Drinking the Proper Amount of Water Each Day

By now you’ve surely been told to drink plenty of water every day, but many people still have trouble consuming the recommended amount of eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Given the fact that our bodies are about 60% water, it makes sense that we need to replenish our supply daily. While your doctor might have […]

Four Signs You Have Water Problems

You might think that water is water and that it would always look and taste the same, but that certainly isn’t the case. There are plenty of factors that influence the taste, color, and smell of water. Some of these issues come from the source of the water or the delivery method. Check out these […]

How to Get Your Children to Drink More Water

Kids love beverages that aren’t necessarily good for them like juice and sugary sodas. Because it doesn’t contain sugar and they also don’t know the benefits of drinking it, getting your children to drink enough water can be quite a challenge. Make them realize they’re thirsty. Most of the time children drink something because it […]