How You Can Conserve Water at Home

Water Pouring on World

Water is one of the most abundant natural resources, but it still needs to be conserved. Many areas of the U.S. struggle with droughts which means taking steps to converse water is especially important. Conserving water can also save you money on utility costs. Keep reading to learn about some relatively easy ways to conserve water.

  • Use a Shower Bucket – We all know that at the beginning of a shower you need to allow the water to warm up to your desired temperature. During that time water is just being wasted down the drain. Putting a bucket under the faucet can catch that water so you can use it for other purposes like watering plants. Once the water is warm enough to start bathing, simply place the bucket outside the shower.
  • Turn Off the Faucet – You’ve probably been told that you can turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth. Water comes out at about 2.5 gallons per minute, so in less than 30 seconds you can conserve a gallon by turning it off and then back on when you need it again. You can also do this when you wash your hands.
  • Fix Leaks – Plumbing leaks can waste a lot of water. Check for leaks yourself or have a professional do so. Even a small leak could be wasting gallons of water each day. Many times fixing the leak will pay for itself in the amount of water you save.
  • Watering Lawns – Even during the summer, lawns don’t have to be watered every single day. You can get by with watering your lawn two to three times per week. You should also avoid watering your lawn between normal business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During those times, water evaporates pretty quickly so your watering job won’t be as effective.

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