Customer Reviews

We had Aaron at Schultz Soft Water install a complete water softener system, whole house filter, dechlorination filter, and a Kinetco K5 drinking water station…. We had concerns about our hard chlorinated water as well as just a general whole house filter. We also wanted to stop buying bottled water because of the cost and the hassle of bringing it into the house and disposal of the plastic bottles. Aaron tested our water, listened to our concerns, and gave us recommendations. When the time came for installation, Aaron did the install himself and the result was exactly or even better than we hoped, it was also neatly installed and very organized as I requested. The first time we drank from our new Kinetco K5 system we were amazed at how clear it looked in the glass, but the real test was the taste. Wow! If you thought bottled water tasted good, wait till you taste the stuff that comes out of our K5 tap – I promise you will never go back to bottled, our coffee and tea even tastes better! Taking K5 filtered water to work is cheaper and saves money as well. My wife and I find ourselves drinking more water, which is a good thing! We are so pleased with the service from Schultz and with our water, we also enjoy the yearly open house sale where we typically purchase our filters to keep our water clean, dechlorinated, and tasting absolutely perfect! Thank you Schultz Water and thank you Aaron!

-Stan and Rhonda T. (Cold Spring, MN)

Dear Aaron,

We had Cu****an for many years with a rented system and had poor water quality, and all to often, no soft water. I was under the mis-impression that Kinetico only sold systems. When I finally got fed up with stained teeth, stained whites, and no soft water, I called Kinetico (Schultz Soft Water.) The Schultz Family installed a used rent to own system for about half of what I was paying Cu****an each month. Aaron, immediately pointed out that our iron filter was not the correct filter for our water problem. Once installed, our teeth stayed white, our clothes washed white again, and I only purchased salt about twice a year, four bags at a time. With Cu****an I was purchasing 200lbs of salt every three months. When we built our new home in 2013, we decided on a new rent with option to buy system. This well at our new home is even more challenging than the first well. Our water is now excellent for drinking, bathing, and laundry. Thanks to Kinetico, it really works.


Ralph D.
Paynesville, MN

Ron ScharaI have Kinetico in our home and we love it!

Ron Schara and Raven would not be without their Kinetico Water

Dear Kinetico,

We are very happy with our systems. The service from your company has been excellent. We have told so many people over the years about how much we have benefited to have Kinetico. All of our home has been better from one side to the other since we got our Kinetico.

-Steve and Carol D.
Princeton, MN

Aaron, the Schultz Family, and Kinetico:

It is with great pleasure that we write this Testimonial for Aaron, the Schultz Family Business, and Kinetico Water Systems. We are so pleased with our System, but more than that; we continue to be Amazed at the Wonderful Service that Aaron, and the Co. Gives it’s Customers. Words cannot totally express our Gratitude, but this Poem can:

A Bell is not a Bell, until YOU Ring It–A Song is not a Song until YOU Sing It–
Love is not put in One’s Heart to Stay–Love is not Love, Until YOU Give It Away!!!

Yes, Aaron and the Schultz family not only Sell and Service a Super Product; but they Care and they Share, And Give their Customers a LOVE for the System that can’t be measured in Dollars and Cents–Quite simply, they Give from their HEARTS.

Thanks and God Bless–


Roger and Vicki M.
Very Satisfied Customers

Schultz Soft Water Company,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your company. You have given us outstanding service. We installed a Kinetico 4040s Home Water System. We love it. It is non electric and high performance. No timers to set or computers to set. There is always a supply of clean, soft, dechlorinated water available. We have saved money on salt, soap, and cleaners. It makes such a difference on everything to have soft water. We would recommend this system to everyone. We also have a reverse osmosis drinking water system. There are many filters available to meet our individual needs. We us the #12873 Purfecta filter, it is the one they use in hospitals. We both have sleep apnea and we can use the water from our tap for our CPAP machines now. Saving us money by not having to buy bottled water or distilled water. It is so nice to have good drinking water and to be able to use the water in our CPAP humidifier. We would recommend this system too. Give Schultz Soft Water a call, you will be glad you did, they are great to work with and a family business, their products have made our life more enjoyable.

-Howie and Jeanne