Four Signs You Have Water Problems

Dirty Drinking Water

You might think that water is water and that it would always look and taste the same, but that certainly isn’t the case. There are plenty of factors that influence the taste, color, and smell of water. Some of these issues come from the source of the water or the delivery method. Check out these four signs you have water problems and how you may be able to solve them.

  1. You have grayish white film on your dishes and in your sinks. This likely means that you have hard water from calcium or magnesium. Hardness can also cause reduced suds in laundry and can cause water heater elements to fail. You’ll need a water softener to solve the problem.
  2. Your water has a metallic taste or leaves colorful stains. The likely culprit here is iron which can leave behind red, orange, or brown stains on dishes and produce an undesirable taste. You should look into a water softener or an oxidizing filter.
  3. Your water has black specks or appears black or grey. These signs likely mean that your water has too much manganese. It can also produce metallic tasting water and standing water in your bathtub or toilet tank will have a dark appearance. You will want a water softener for lower concentrations or an oxidizing filter for higher ones.
  4. Your water has a salty taste to it. This probably means there is too much chloride in your water. This can also cause the corrosion of metals. You should look into a distillation or reverse osmosis system at your individual taps. You might be better off drinking water from another source such as water bottles.

These common water problems can be solved quite easily so you can rest assured your family has safe and pleasant tasting drinking water. Contact Shultz Soft Water at 320-251-4100 to learn more.