How to Get Your Children to Drink More Water

Kid Drinking Water

Kids love beverages that aren’t necessarily good for them like juice and sugary sodas. Because it doesn’t contain sugar and they also don’t know the benefits of drinking it, getting your children to drink enough water can be quite a challenge.

  • Make them realize they’re thirsty. Most of the time children drink something because it tastes good, not because they know they need to drink more fluids. Hand your kid a water bottle and ask them to take a few sips. You’ll likely find that they will drink more than that because once they start drinking they’ll realize they’re thirsty.
  • Make drinking water fun. Simple things like a fun cup or a silly straw can make drinking water more fun for kids. Special cups such as those with their favorite characters can also make young children want to drink more water. You can also dress up their water with fruit to make it look nicer. This will also add to the flavor so they may be more likely to enjoy it. If you have trouble getting your kid to drink plain water, try adding some of these fun elements into it.
  • Limit their beverage options. If you have a fridge full of soda, juice, and other beverages, your child will be more likely to prefer them. Try to limit what you have available to just water, milk, and some juice with no sugar added. You can try alternating these drinks throughout the day to make sure they get enough water.
  • Practice proper portion control. Don’t give your small child a big water bottle and expect them to finish the whole thing. Purchase some small 4-ounce water bottles so they’re easy to carry and consume. If they prefer drinking out of a glass, make sure it’s of a reasonable size for kids.

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