The evolution of drinking water is a remarkable story, especially the last decade. As people become aware of the dangerous components in their water supply, they quickly transition to buying bottled and filtered water. More consumers are starting to wonder how to purify water, because it will save them money and many trips to the grocery store. As old city water filtration systems and treatment facilities fall short of purification standards and municipal authorities lack the funding to correct these issues, the danger of drinking tap water rises. As a consequence, consumers are now responsible for finding alternatives for supplying clean and pure drinking water.

Alternatives for Supplying Clean Water

One of those options is to buy bottled drinking water. Purified water is available in many forms and sizes that range from individual single use plastic bottles to one and five liter containers all the way up to five gallon water cooler containers. These water sources contain water that has been purified at a treatment plant through various filters and sometimes a reverse osmosis process. The water is usually of better quality than your faucet and is readily available at gas stations, grocery stores and schools. But in the long haul, it is an expensive way to distribute drinking water to your family and is extremely detrimental to the environment.

Another option is to filter your own water with specially designed water pitchers. There are several types that do a commendable job, but no matter the model, they are cumbersome and not very cost effective. If you have a larger family you will probably run short of water, especially during warmer weather or if you use that drinking water for pets or to cook with. The filters also need to be replaced regularly, usually every 6 weeks, and quality filters tend to be a costly expense.

We know how important clean drinking water is to you, your family and your pets. We have a number of water treatment options to improve your family’s water supply. While water softener systems do a great job improving dishwasher performance and eliminating spotting and stains that are the result of the impurities in your water, drinking water is another issue. Softened water is not the best choice for a family’s drinking water supply. We offer better ways to get fresh safe drinking water.

Water Purification Systems

Schultz Soft Water uses Kinetico products, the leading source of efficient drinking water systems that can accommodate the needs and budgets of most families. Our systems use a variety of modern technology that is salt free and will provide limitless drinking water. We offer three levels of drinking water purification:

  • Kinetico’s top of the line K5 Drinking Water Station uses a combination of proven purification methods including a very advanced, highly refined reverse osmosis system. It can be customized to handle various types of water issues and is self-cleaning, which adds years of service. The indicator tells you when the filter should be changed. Consumers love the way it delivers a strong stream of water, as opposed to the trickles that come from most competing systems. It is unobtrusive and fits neatly under the sink, where it works effortlessly to remove bacteria and other contaminants while leaving you with great tasting water.
  • A more basic approach is the Kinetico Aquakinetic Filter, which uses reverse osmosis and a three stage filter to clean and purify drinking water. The unit has fewer bells and whistles than the K-5 but is extremely effective and provides purified water in a more compact form.
  • For budget-minded consumers, we recommend Kinetico’s most basic water purification system: the MACguard Filter. The MACguard Filter uses carbon filtration cartridges to remove odors and improve the water’s taste. As the most economical filter in the line, it is regarded as an entry level option for filtering your homes drinking water.

Leave the expensive bottled water and tedious water pitchers at the store and provide your family with fresh, clean drinking water right from home.

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